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Honorable Mention : Monovisions Photography Awards 2022 - Catégorie Street Photography

Dernière mise à jour : 30 déc. 2023

Bandeau Monovisions Photography Awards_Black & White Photography Awards

Honorable Mention : Monovision Photography Awards 2022 - Clement Descubes

Mention Honorable Monovisions Photography Awards 2022 :

Street Scene in Rome_©Clement Descubes_Street Photography

TITLE: Street scene in Rome

A fun way to get around Rome

This passer-by seemed suspended in this strong light and on this white brick background. Suspended movement. Time suspended. As if he was not moving forward. Impertubable expectation of movement.

AUTHOR: Clement Descubes (France)

French photographer, the camera has been with me for a long time.

I have a preference for the black and white silver gelatin medium, for its aesthetic, plastic qualities and for the entire process of creation and development / prints that accompanies it.

I am particularly interested in architecture and its relationship with the street, people, and the influences it can have on our lives. I like to capture extracts from architectural pieces for what they express, symbolize and represent by themselves.

I also produce reportages and portraits to order, a way of meeting places and people that I find there too in their architectural environment. Often they no longer realize the places around them and it is an interesting dialogue to mix these people with their environment

Monovisions Photography Awards 2022_Mention Honorable_Street Photography_Clement Descubes_Photo encadree
Monovisions Photography Awards 2022_Mention Honorable_Street Photography_Clement Descubes


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